These settings represent the options in the Block Diagram section of the Preferences dialog.

Setting Description Type Default
showWireDots Show dots at wire junctions TF False
showTipStringsOnTerms Show tip-strips over terminals TF True
viCaptionTipStrings    Use control caption for subVI tip-strips TF True
showWireGuides Show wiring guides TF True
showSubVIName Show subVI names when dropped TF False
transparentBDLabels Use transparent name labels TF False
viTitleInPalettes Use Window Titles in function palettes TF False
maxUndoSteps Maximum undo steps per VI numeric 8
copyDeleteFPDCOFromFPTerm Delete front panel terminals from diagram
This is on the Options dialog in LV6 and above.
This can also be enabled in LV5, but you must directly edit the INI file.
TF False
enableAutoWire Enable Auto Wiring (LV6 and above) TF True
autoWireMax    Maximum distance numeric 16
autoWireMin    Minimum distance numeric 4