Ini setting: DialogEditor

Add the line
to the labview.ini file to enable the dialog editing functions in LabVIEW.

WARNING!!!  This function is used to modify the built-in LabVIEW dialogs. Use this function at your own risk!

Select the file lvstring.rsc in the RESOURCE folder under the LV folder.

After opening the resource file, select a dialog

Letís open VI-setup

You will recognize this as the VI Setup window from LabVIEW itself; of course all options are on top of each other.

WARNING !! Be careful what you change in these dialogs, because if you save them LabVIEW will attempt to act according your changes, and probably crash!!!

Have fun with it.

Oh yeah, if you do decide to change anything, remember this one thing:

  1. Backup
  2. Backup
  3. Backup