I took the complete list of INI options that Scott Hannahs compiled, figured out which ones were on the Preferences dialog, which left the undocumented ones remaining.  I then scoured the Info-LabVIEW list for all the messages (mostly from Greg McKaskle) that documented some of the previously undocumented settings.

This list is not complete. It includes everything I could find or determine from experimentation.

My system is running LV 5.1.1 on Windows 2000.
If any of this works different on your machine, please let me know. (Remove NOSPAM to send email.)

I would especially like to hear from those running on a Mac or Unix.

A hearty thank you to the following people for sending me new information to include in this list. (Remove NOSPAM to send email.)
Scott Hannahs
Bob Zigmund
Dave Boyd
Eric Hollebone
Rick Bitter
Danny Lauwers
Rolf Kalbermatter
Kevin B. Kent
Alan Hahn