These settings have been determined, either by info from NI, or from testing (on LV 5.1.1 on Windows 2000), to be obsolete. If you know otherwise, please email me.

Setting Comments
exoticControls This setting was once used to show a control palette submenu that contained controls that were still in development and not ready for prime-time.
restrictedEdu In LabVIEW 4 and earlier, it may have limited the functionality of LabVIEW to be the same as in the Student Edition.
studentWarning LabVIEW 4 used to show VIs or features not available in the student edition of LabVIEW as a warning in the Error List. Setting this value False may have disabled those warnings.
totalMemSize In LabVIEW 3 for Windows 3.1 LabVIEW allocated this much memory at start and would run out of memory if it needed more. Now (except on Mac where the initial memory allocation is still set but in the Finder Get Info dialog for the LabVIEW application) LabVIEW allocates memory as needed until the system itself runs out of memory.
useDebugOutput Appears to do nothing in LabVIEW 5. May have been replaced by the debugging setting.
warnPartHidden In LabVIEW 4 and earlier, setting this to False probably disabled warnings about parts on a diagram which are hidden by other parts.