Types of INI settings

Abbr. Description Example
TF Boolean value True
numeric Numeric value 47
path Path, not including filename C:\Temp
[paths] Multiple paths. Separate with semicolons, enclose with quotes "C:\Temp;C:\Windows"
file Path, including filename C:\Temp\File.txt
[files] Multiple files. Separate with semicolons, enclose with quotes "File1.txt;file2.vi"
string String value Single
quoted String value with quotes before and after "system"
rect 4 numeric values defining a rectangle - Top, Left, Bottom, Right
In some cases, simply specifying the Top, Left point works just as well.
font Font definition "MS Sans Serif" 13 B
ASCII Numeric ASCII value for a character 47
RGB 3 hexadecimal bytes, representing Red, Green, and Blue values. Some settings can also accept the value 1000000, which is the hex value for transparent. LV5 and above also recognize the keyword "transparent" when used in place of an RGB value. FFFF00