These settings are accessible in the VI Server sections of the Preferences dialog.

Setting Description Type Default
On Prefs
server.tcp.enabled Enable TCP/IP Protocol TF False yes
server.tcp.port TCP/IP Port number numeric 3363 yes
server.ole.enabled Enable ActiveX Protocol TF True yes Allow VI Calls TF True yes Allow VI Methods and Properties TF True yes Allow Application Methods and Properties TF True yes
server.tcp.access TCP/IP Access List quoted <blank> yes
server.tcp.paranoid Strict Checking TF True yes Exported VIs list quoted "+*" yes
tcpServer.log Logging Enabled TF False  
tcpServer.logPath Logging File Path file    

On Prefs Dialog: Settings marked "yes" in this column are accessible on the Preferences Dialog. Other settings are "undocumented" and can only be changed by directly editing the labview.ini file.